In addition to the Core Knowledge® curriculum sequence, Knowledge Quest Academy (KQA) middle school offers a variety of elective classes throughout the year (not all courses are offered every quarter), including:

Show Choir

Show choir is a teacher-led elective that is offered to all KQA middle school students. 24 student maximum per quarter.  Students will
  • Learn proper singing posture and techniques
  • Learn the basics of putting on a show
  • Work on choreography and styles of dance
  • Perform a variety of songs and shows
  • Participate in one show per quarter (first – third quarters)



Band is a teacher-led elective that is offered to all KQA middle school students.  No maximum.  Band is offered on two levels - beginner and intermediate.  Instruments include, but are not limited to trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone and percussion. Students will:


  • Learn how to properly play and care for their instruments.
  • Play a variety of musical styles and pieces.
  • Commit to band all year long.
  • Perform in two shows a year - second and fourth quarter.


Orchestra is a teacher-led elective that is offered to all KQA middle school students.  No maximum.  Instruments include but are not limited to violin and cello.  Students will:

  • Learn how to properly play and care for their instruments.
  • Play a variety of musical styles and pieces.
  • Commit to orchestra all year long.
  • Perform in two shows a year - second and fourth quarter.

Language Arts Elective/Literacy

Students will have the opportunity to refine their inquiry, reading, and writing skills to find the highest level of success in the classroom and on standardized assessments! Throughout this class, students will assess a variety of challenging literature and non-fiction texts. Using these texts, students will utilize various language arts skills including questioning, summarizing, creating inferences, using context clues to determine meanings of foreign vocabulary, and answering questions through a variety of written forms! Students will be engaged individually, in small groups, and as a whole class to connect to a variety of texts and language arts skills! Students who are struggling in reading and/or writing will be assigned to this class. 

Dissection Elective

Students will dissect 9 animals from different groups, comparing general structures and systems related to digestion, circulation, respiration, and reproduction.  First, students learn that different organisms carry out similar functions but do so in various ways and using different structures. 

Board Games

Students will work to learn how to:

  • Investigate and understand game rules.
  • Solve problems.

  • Create strategies.

  • Listen to one another’s ideas.

  • Implement ideas.

  • Design solutions.

  • Deal gracefully with failures.

  • Learn from mistakes and one another.

  • Praise team and class members.

Engineering and Inventions

This project based elective is a quarter class option that explores the Engineering Design Method as it applies to electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. Students will learn electrical circuits using SNAP circuitry kits.  Bridge building and landscape models will be used for civil engineering.  For mechanical engineering, students will create desktop/office supply catapults.  As time allows, there will be other projects.  Class size is limited.


Explore feudal society during the middle ages!   Students will work together to create their own Kingdoms and take on the occupation of a person from this time period.

Khan Academy

Using the Khan Academy website, students will progress through each level with the goal of 100% mastery before moving to the next level.   Students in this class are those who are currently below grade level in math and/or those interested in additional math work opportunities to improve skills.   Students are also encouraged to work with the facilitating math teacher with classwork that may need some extra help.


The Knowledge Quest Academy Staff is proud to add Speech to our current list of electives.  We will begin by learning the basic strategies and techniques of public speaking to build the necessary skill foundation for more challenging public speaking.  All skills will be in alignment with the Colorado Standards for Speech.  After the basic skill set has been established, the students will begin to explore the Nationally Recognized We the People Curriculum, which teaches about Civic engagement and public discourse.  This class will ultimately help develop skills for public speaking and enhance their understanding of Civic engagement.  All Middle School students will take this class at least once during their time in Middle School.


In this class students will work on drawing skills, create a clay sculpture and create a composition of their name in radial symmetry with a geometric background.    

Skills and Organization

This class is designed for students who need specific instruction, advice, and modeling with organizational skills that will help them toward success in all their middle school classes.  The organization of binders, use of planners, and use of a homework folder will be specific skills covered.  Students will also participate in life lessons that will help them organize their work spaces at home, avoid distractions, develop focus, and manage their time efficiently.  We will also take some time to look at locker organization as well.


The yearbook requires a year-long commitment by a small group of students.  After school time as photographers for events will also be required.  Students will learn how to take good photographs, sort and crop photographs, and define and lay out pages for the yearbook.  Students will seek advertisements from the community, advertise yearbook sales within the school, and distribute the final yearbook. 

Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team works to create a stronger community both within our walls at KQA and to our greater Milliken/Johnstown community.  Students apply and interview for a position on the leadership team during the fourth quarter of the previous year.  Team members will develop skills in leadership, project planning, public presentation, and creating a positive school climate.


This elective will focus on one team sport each quarter in the following order: flag football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer.  The focus will be on developing tactical skills and concepts relative to each sport.  As a culmination of each quarter’s activities, teams will be formed and students will participate in a tournament.  There will be a strong emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship throughout each quarter.


The sewing elective provides lessons in how to use a sewing machine, how to handstich, how to thread needles, how to sew on buttons, as well as how to put together  larger items such as  aprons, pillows, and quilts.  Students are also given the opportunity to create their own project.  Straight stitching is a focus for both hand and machine work.  Students also learn how to un-jam and rethread the sewing machines!  And as needed students will become proficient in seam ripping.  There is an additional fee of $15 for materials for this class.  Class size is limited.

Comics to Scale

Learn the methods to take your favorite comic or drawing from miniature to poster size!  In this class, art meets math!   

Running Club

Students will be working towards the ability to run a 5K. Over the course of one quarter, students will be going off-campus twice a week to work on strength and conditioning exercising, as well as increasing endurance through long distance running. Students will learn teamwork, endurance, stamina, and become stronger physically and mentally.

World War II (offered only 3rd quarter and is required for all 7th graders)

This elective will be preparing the 7th grade students to read The Diary of Anne Frank for third quarter language arts class. They will learn the basics about World War II, starting with World War I in order to have the sufficient prior knowledge. The elective will prepare students to understand and be in deeper discussions about topics including the holocaust, genocide, Fascism, Nazism, and other deeper topics from the World Wars.

Science Fair Writing Elective

This elective is for students who want or need extra time and/or help with writing their science fair paper. It is designed to give more one-on-one support for students who need an extra helping hand with writing scientific information. It also allows students who take a bit more time on their papers to use school time instead of after school time as homework. This elective will be available for 7th and 8th graders during 1st quarter, and available to 6th graders during 2nd quarter.


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