Dress Code

Uniforms/Dress Code

The responsibility to make academics the primary focus obligates Knowledge Quest Academy to prevent anything which may distract from the education of students. To this end, a uniform policy has been adopted and will be enforced. 

Wearing uniforms is intended to promote safety, improve discipline, and enhance the overall 

learning environment. Proper wear of the uniform also shows pride in oneself and in KQA. 

Students are expected to be in uniform throughout the school day. 

When a parent registers their child at KQA, it indicates their acceptance of the uniform policy. Students not in uniform may be sent home and further disciplinary action may be taken. Parents are expected to sign the Dress Code Policy and agree to have their student(s) abide by these expectations.

Parent and Staff Responsibilities 

Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their students arrive at school in proper uniform. Within the school, the dress code will be enforced by the classroom teacher, other staff members and the KQA administration. The administration will make the final decisions 

regarding uniform issues. Cheerful, consistent compliance with the uniform policy by all 

students and parents is expected. 

General Uniform Wear Guidance 

Students must present a clean and neat appearance. Uniforms are to be of appropriate size/fit, and they must be worn as intended by the policy. A student can be out of compliance for wearing non-approved items, or by wearing approved items in a manner that is sloppy, immodest or otherwise inappropriate. Items that bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including, but not limited to, the stomach, upper leg, thighs, buttocks, back and breast are not acceptable (i.e. too tight/baggy, too short, low cut or otherwise revealing).

colors for dress code


                                                         General Uniform Guidelines:

What To Wear

What Not To Wear

  • Shirts:

Polo style or turtlenecks with short or long sleeves in solid dress code colors. No logos should be visible. Undershirts must be solid school dress code colors.

  • Sweaters/Hoodies:

Solid dress code colors without logos or designs with a polo shirt worn underneath.

  • Pants/Shorts/Jumpers/Skirts/Skorts/Capris:

Fabric material with zipper and pockets in solid dress code colors. All should be of appropriate length which is below fingertip length with arms extended down. Elementary students may wear sweatpants on their PE day only. “Polo shirt” dresses are acceptable for elementary students.

  • Socks/Tights/Leggings:

All items must be in solid dress code colors. Tights and leggings must be worn with a skirt, jumper, shorts, dress, or top that is fingertip in length. Multicolor socks are acceptable if they are not visible.

  • Shoes:

All footwear should have a strap/material behind the ankle. All colors of footwear are acceptable.

  • Hair accessories do not have to match uniforms.

  • Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and nail polish are permitted.

  • All KQA spirit wear is permitted, except middle school PE shirts which must be worn in PE only.

  • Dress down days – any conservative school appropriate clothing.

  • Dress up days – any conservative dress clothing other than jeans or shorts. Leggings must be worn with a skirt, jumper, shorts, dress, or top that is fingertip in length.

  • Shirts:

No button up dress shirts, T-shirts, shirts without a collar, logo on shirt, no neon colors of pink. No undershirts in colors other than dress code colors.

  • Sweaters/Hoodies:

No prints, logos, embellishments or non-dress code colors while inside the building. Hoodies must be sweatshirt material.

  • Pants/Shorts/Jumpers/Skirts/Shorts/Capris:

No denim material, pants must have pockets and zipper, no “cargo” exterior pockets. Items should fit modestly. No “jeggings” or jean like material.

  • Socks/Tights/Leggings:

No wearing tights or leggings without a skirt, jumper, shorts, dress, or top that is fingertip in length. No long, multicolored socks that are visible.

  • Shoes:

No flip flops or shoes that have an open back. No “heelies” or shoes with wheels.

  • No bandanas, or hats inside the building unless there is a special school spirit day

  • No visible tattoos, no jewelry in piercings other than the ears, no sunglasses in the building

  • Dress down days – no clothing with tobacco, alcohol, drug, or inappropriate messages. No low cut or too tight clothing. Leggings and tights must be covered by a skirt, jumper, shorts, dress, or top that is fingertip in length. No jeans with holes above fingertip length. No tank tops unless the width of the strap is more than three finger widths. All clothing must cover the stomach and traditionally private areas of the body.

Download and print a copy of the Dress Code to sign and turn in for your student from the link below:

KQA Dress Code 2022-23

Uniforms must be worn on field trips unless the administration approves otherwise. Uniforms 

are not required for any evening or weekend activities unless specified by the administration or the activity supervisor. 

Violation of Dress Code Policy

1st Dress Code Violation 

When a minor infraction occurs, student receives a warning and reviews Dress Code Policy with teacher. Parents are notified by phone or in writing. 

2nd Dress Code Violation 

Student is assigned 1 after school detention. Parents may be called and required to bring 

clothing in order for the student to comply with dress code. Parents are notified by phone or in writing of the violation.

3rd Dress Code Violation 

Parents are called and required to bring clothing in order for the student to comply with dress code. Student is assigned attendance at Friday afternoon school. Parents are notified by phone or in writing of the violation.

4th Dress Code Violation 

Parent is notified by phone and in writing of the dress code violation. Student is assigned 1 ISS. Parents and students are required to meet with administration.

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