Character Education

Core Knowledge® education involves much more than curriculum alone. Knowledge Quest Academy's pillars – respect, responsibility, family, love of country, cooperation, integrity, perseverance, volunteering, and self-control – form the support framework for our school culture and define behavioral expectations for the KQA students. At KQA, we develop character by defining clear expectations, requiring respectful behavior, and integrating all of this into the Core Knowledge curriculum. Our smaller student body enables close relationships between students and faculty and staff members, which helps to ensure personal accountability and fosters a true family-like atmosphere.

What is Positive Behavior Support (PBS)?

When you ensure that all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioral practices and interventions, student academic and behavior outcomes improve. Positive Behavior Support provides an operational framework for achieving these outcomes. PBS is not a curriculum, intervention, or practice, but is a decision-making framework that guides the selection, integration, and implementation of the best evidence-based behavioral practices.


At KQA we feel it is important that students know our expectations and work together to make the school a positive environment for everyone. To achieve this goal, we have a PBS team that creates and implements positive behavior support systems to help students make good judgments about acceptable behavior. Our school PBS motto is "KQA Trailblazers follow the PATH"; the acronym PATH stands for Pride, Achievement, Trust, and Honor.

In addition to a discipline code with consequences for poor behavior choices, we also have a recognition program to encourage our students to stay on the Trailblazer PATH. Our recognition program has different levels enable recognition opportunities on a daily, weekly, monthly, and semester basis.

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