Knowledge Quest Academy Accountability Committee

The KQA Accountability Committee’s purpose is to advise and assist the KQA Board of Directors in determining the relative value of the school’s programs. The KQA Accountability Committee cooperatively determines areas of study for the improvement of education.

The Accountability Committee IS:

  • Advisory to the school administration and KQA Governing Board relative to the Accountability Program
  • A recommending group in developing the board’s budget
  • A reviewing body
  • A group of “insiders” involved in critical self-examination
  • A group whose major purpose is to study the educational needs of KQA and to inform the governing board of directors whether the school’s programs are meeting those needs
  • A group that should focus on which programs have been (or should be) attained, and how well they are doing
  • A group that represents the community point of view
  • A group whose purpose is to help the school administrators and KQA Governing Board maintain focus on high priority issues

The Accountability Committee IS NOT:

  • Another governing board
  • A decision-making group
  • An investigating body
  • A group of “outsiders” looking in at the system
  • A group whose only purpose is to discover what is “wrong” with the governing board, the school administration, or the school as a whole
  • A group that should be concerned about how programs have been (or should be) attained
  • A group that represents a personal, a narrow, or special interest point of view
  • A group whose purpose is to replace the governing board of directors or school administrators

Each year, the KQA Board of Directors establishes the direction for the Accountability Committee based on information gleaned from the annual parent survey or strategic plan goals – and appoints an Accountability Committee chairperson based on a recommendation by Accountability Committee members.

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