To provide our students with the best learning environment possible, in August 2006 the Knowledge Quest Academy (KQA) Board of Directors voted to create a volunteer policy that encourages each family to devote at least 40 hours of volunteer time per year to their child’s educational experience.

Choose from a range of volunteer opportunities; there’s something to fit every family’s particular needs. For more information regarding the many ways to participate in KQA’s learning community, contact the school office or classroom teacher.

When you do volunteer your time, please write down your name, date, activity, and hours spent volunteering on the forms provided at the front office. The volunteer coordinator will use these forms to record your hours. Grandparents’ and immediate family’s hours are also included in the contribution to the 40-hour volunteer commitment.

If you are looking for ways to get involved, please fill out this quick form and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you soon.
Volunteer Information

Eligible hours include:

  • Any KQA classroom work, including helping with class parties, reading, assisting teachers, substitute teaching, cutting out materials, filing, etc.
  • At-home work for KQA, which may include cutting out materials for teachers, assembling mailings, making phone calls or typing for teachers or committees, sending e-mails for teachers or committees
  • Baking goods for school parties, fundraising, teacher appreciation and parent-teacher weeks, or other school events
  • Time spent purchasing goods for class activities or picking up goods for school, e.g., McDonald’s lunches, office supplies, other equipment ordered by school, donated items
  • Community work for school projects, e.g., getting sponsors for school events, hanging posters, collecting donations, handing out flyers, working on the school float
  • Attending committee meetings
  • Chaperoning for field trips or other school events or activities
  • Helping to set-up or takedown for school events
  • Running a booth at a school event
  • Helping to organize and distribute fundraising materials at school, e.g., tallying, separating, or distributing orders
  • Taking your child door-to-door for fundraising and delivering fundraiser products; this does not include taking a fundraiser to work with you to have coworkers order
  • Babysitting children whose parents are volunteering for the school
  • Participating on a committee, including all the related work, phone calls, meetings, etc.
  • Bus duty, lunchroom duty, working in the school library
  • Helping to count and collect box tops or Cartridges for Kids®
  • Assisting in the KQA office (if needed)

Ineligible hours include:

  • Carpooling
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Personal phone calls made to school to speak with teachers or ask questions
  • Cub Scouts (any activities, whether at school or not)
  • Babysitting your own children or for someone in your related family, which includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc.


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