Staff Listing

Name   Position   Phone   Email
Linda Spreitzer   Principal   970.587.5742 X104   [email protected]
Isaac Korgan    Dean of Students and Athletic Director     970.587.5742 x102    [email protected]
Sue Smith   Administrative Specialist   970.587.5742 ext. 106   [email protected]
Janie Vigil   Front Office   970.587.5742 ext. 101   [email protected]
 Marlene Gebhart   School Nurse   970.587.5742 x103    [email protected]
Jennifer Malwitz   Kindergarten   970.587.5742 ext. 115   [email protected]
Sandra Pratt    Kindergarten    970.587.5742 X114   [email protected]
Missy Fantasia   Kindergarten Paraprofessional   970.587.5742   [email protected]
Brittany VonFeldt   Kindergarten Paraprofessional     970.587.5742    [email protected]
Chelsea Jenner   First Grade   970.587.5742 X116   [email protected]
Eryn Davis   First Grade   970.587.5742 X117   [email protected]
Michaela Richardson   Second Grade   970.587.5742 ext. 118   [email protected]
Courtny Dickerson   Second Grade    970.587.5742 x 119    [email protected]
Tiffany Georgeson   Instructional Coach       [email protected]
Tracie Johnson   Third Grade   970.587.5742 ext. 120   [email protected]
Sarah Spencer   Third Grade   970.587.5742 ext. 121   [email protected]
Brenda Chinn   Fourth Grade   970.587.5742 X122   [email protected]
Allison Herrera   Fourth Grade    970.587.5742 x123    [email protected]
Libby Eppler   Data Interventionist   970-587-5742 x129   [email protected]
Melissa Miller   Fifth Grade   970-587-5742 x124    [email protected]
Jennifer Engels   Fifth Grade   970.587.5742 X125   [email protected]
Diane Odbert   Middle School Math    970.587.5742 x128   [email protected]
Viktor Baeza   Middle School Science   970.587.5742 ext. 109   [email protected]
Charlotte Lang   Middle School LA   970.587.5742 X126   [email protected]
Isaac Korgan   Middle School Social Studies   970-587-5742 X130   [email protected]
Laine Goddard   Middle School   970-587-5742 x137
Amanda McCosh   Music   970.587.5742 ext. 112   [email protected]
Dan Johnson   Technology Administrator   970.587.5742 ext. 110   [email protected]
Cullen Stoody   PE   970-587-5742 x131   [email protected]
Kendra Dermer   Art   970-587-5742 x129   [email protected]
Gina Ortiz   Librarian   970.587.5742 ext. 111   [email protected]
Rebecca Bear   Paraprofessional   970.587.5742   [email protected]
Megan Short   Paraprofessional   970.587.5742   [email protected]
Jacquelyn Cozad   Paraprofessional    970.587.5742    [email protected]
Angela Hight   Paraprofessional    970.587.5742   [email protected]
Stephanie Hartford   Paraprofessional    970.587.5742   [email protected]
Richard Kuhn   Custodian       [email protected]
Patti Engel   Resource   970-587-5742 x113   [email protected]
Sue Valdez   Maintenance Custodian       [email protected]
Andrea Hatch   ELL/Reading Interventions   970.587.5742 x129   [email protected]
Dr. Shayna Whitehouse   School Psychologist   970.587.5742 x145    [email protected]
Whitney Bonds   Counselor   970.587.5742 x144   [email protected]
Lori Kurnik Crossing Guard [email protected]



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